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Impeccable Interiors

Making your Design Dreams a Reality.

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Complete Cabin Solutions & In-Flight Amenities

Our sales team has worked with aircrafts of many sizes. 

We understand what is essential for dining and on-board entertaining, and most importantly what fits in various galleys and cabins.

Personalizing your aircraft with beautiful accessories and linens will add the final touch that will impress your guests and make your jet feel like home.



Fishing For All The Right Finishings

Elevate all your adventures at sea with the perfect table setting, fine crystal glassware, custom bed linens and decorative accents that express your personal style.

Our team will guide you based on your specific boat model and expertly meet your every demand for dining & décor, so you can simply focus on enjoying life aboard your stunning ship.

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Remarkable Interiors Require All The Right Fixtures

Renovating your residence? No house is complete without all the luxurious essentials that make it a home.

Our team is here to propose a selection of premium products that cater to your lifestyle and personal needs. Choose from our best in class brands with the guidance of our dedicated design & sales team.  



Praise High Performers With Perfect Presents

At Maison Lipari, we understand the importance of recognizing the valuable team members that make up the core of our business.

Whether you're celebrating a fruitful relationship with clients and the closure of an important deal, or simply showing your appreciation towards an amazing team of employees, the perfect gift goes a long way. 

Let us propose meaningful pieces that will create long lasting impressions with those who receive them.

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Sourcing premium products for luxury stays.

Our sales team has worked with luxury hoteliers across the globe to take your travel experiences to the top.

We understand what is essential to encourage the most comfortable stay in a hotel room. From top of the line bedding and linens to tabletop must-haves, our team specializes in supporting hotel accommodations guaranteed to impress your guests.

Conference Room


Setting the stage for productivity & growth.

Updating your office space? We understand the importance of designing a space that promotes efficient meetings of the minds.

Whether you're regularly hosting high profile clients or simply gathering your internal team to align on important business matters, our team is here to guide you to create a comfortable atmosphere with coffee service essentials, glassware, décor & more.

Create your Dream Office
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